Event Year Event type
2017 OASIS workshop, Seoul, Korea 2017 Workshop
CFP for 2018 IFIP 8.2 Working Conference -- San Francisco 2017
Working Conference, Dublin, Ireland 2016 Working Conference
OASIS workshop, Ft. Worth, TX, US 2015 Workshop
Information Systems and Global Assemblages: (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations Working Conference 2014 Working Conference
2013 OASIS Pre-ICIS Workshop 2013 Workshop
Shaping the Future of ICT Research: Methods and Approaches Working Conference 2012 Working Conference
OASIS Workshop 2011 Workshop
Researching the Future Working Conference 2011 Working Conference
Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) 2010 Pre-ICIS Workshop 2010 Workshop
Human Benefit through the Diffusion of IS Design Science Research 2010 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2009 in Phoenix AZ, USA 2009 Workshop
Submissions due for Perth 2010 Working Conference 2009 Other
The Role of IS in Leveraging Intelligence and Creativity in SMEs 2009 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2008 in Paris, France 2008 Workshop
IT and Change in the Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century 2008 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2007 Workshop
Virtuality and Virtualization 2007 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2006 in Milwaukee, WI, USA 2006 Workshop
Social Exclusion: Societal and Organisational Implications for Information Systems 2006 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2005 in Las Vegas, NV, USA 2005 Workshop
Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio-Technical Issues and Challenges 2005 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2004 in Washington, DC, USA 2004 Workshop
Information Systems Research: Relevant Theory and Informed Practice 2004 Working Conference
OASIS workshop 2003 in Seattle, WA, USA 2003 Workshop