Global and Organizational Discourse About Information Technology 2002-12-12 to 2002-12-14
OASIS workshop 2001 in New Orleans, LA, USA 2001-12-16
Realigning Research and Practice in Information Systems Development: The Social and Organizational Perspective 2001-07-27 to 2001-07-29
OASIS workshop 2000 in Brisbane, Australia 2000-12-10
Organizational and Social Perspectives on Information Technology 2000-06-09 to 2000-06-11
OASIS workshop 1999 in Charlotte, NC, USA 1999-12-12
New Information technologies in Organizational Processes: Field Studies and Theoretical Reflections on the Future of Work 1999-08-20 to 1999-08-22
Information Systems: Current Issues and Future Challenges 1998-12-10 to 1998-12-13
Systems and Qualitative Research 1997-05-31 to 1997-06-03
Method Engineering: Principles of Method Construction and Tool Support 1996-07-01
Information Technology and Changes in Organizational Work 1995-07-01
Transforming Organizations with Information Technology 1994-07-01
Human, Organizational and Social Dimensions of Information Systems Development 1993-07-01
The Impact of Computer Supported Technologies on Information Systems Development 1992-07-01
Information Systems Research: Contemporary Approaches and Emergent Traditions 1990-07-01
Desktop Information Technology 1989-07-01
Systems Development for Human Progress 1987-07-01
Information Systems Assessment: Issues and Challenges 1986-07-01
Working Conference 1985 1985-07-01
Research methods in information systems 1984-09-01 to 1984-09-03
Beyond Productivity: Information Systems Development for Organizational Effectiveness 1983-07-01
The Information Systems Environment 1979-07-01