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The IFIP 8.2 working group focuses on the development and use of information technologies in organizational contexts, both broadly defined. The group seeks to generate and disseminate knowledge about and improve understand of the role and impact of information technology, and to improve the design and application of information technologies that are both useful and effective for individuals, groups, organizations and society at large.

News about "Monster" working conference in December 2018 in SFO

We have two exciting pieces of news to share about our upcoming working conference "Living with Monsters? Social Implications of Algorithmic Phenomena, Hybrid Agency and the Performativity of Technology" (Dec 11&12, 2018, in San Francisco)


Besides the two keynote speakers -- Lucy Suchman and Paul Edwards -- the meeting will feature the following stimulating panel:

Studying “Sociomateriality”: An Exploration of Constructs in the Making

Business Meeting Minutes, Dublin, Ireland, 10 December 2016

Minutes of the IFIPWG8.2 Business Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, 10 December 2016

Those present: Margunn Aanestad, Carl Adams, Anthony Ammeter, Richard Baskerville

Business Meeting Minutes, Seoul, South Korea, 9 December 2017

1. Introductions and attendance

Ulrike Schultze opened the meeting at 15:42

2. Officers

The current executive was voted to continue one more year, until December 2018.
• Chair: Ulrike Schultze
• Vice-Chair: Eija Karsten
• Secretary: Matthew Jones & Catherine Middleton

Elections will be taking place in December 2018. The nominations committee is Ulrike Schultze, Kevin Crowston, Brian Fitzgerald and Nancy Russo.

3. Awards

IFIP General Assembly has given our members awards:
Silver Core
Wanda Orlikowski
Outstanding Service Award
Lucas Introna
Séamas Kelly

2017 OASIS workshop, Seoul, Korea

2017-12-09 09:00

Join us for the 2017 IFIP 8.2 OASIS (Organizations and Society in Information Systems) Workshop at ICIS on Saturday, Dec. 9 in Seoul!

Our program begins at 9:00 a.m. and features the following:

- 9:10am Keynote: "Trust and Distrust in Virtual and Hybrid Environments" by
Sirkka Jarvenpaa, University of Texas at Austin

- 10:20 am Paper workshop where all participants can interact with authors

- 2:00 pm Interactive debate: "Sociomaterial Theorizing in IS: A debate on Whether, When, Why, and How” with panelists:
o Margunn Aanestad, University of Oslo

Event type: 

Updates on 2018 Working Conference in San Francisco

We are pleased to announce that Paul Edwards (Stanford University & University of Michigan) will feature as our second keynote at the "Living with Monsters?" conference.

Please note that the URL for the conference website is: http://2018conf.ifipwg82.org/

Also, many thanks to Alex Kempton (University of Oslo) for agreeing to serve as webmaster for the conference, as well as Leigh Jin (San Francisco State University) for serving as local arrangements chair. We are so grateful to them for graciously giving their time and energy to help make this working conference a success!

Please Congratulate the Winners of IFIP Awards

We are thrilled to have three of our IFIP 8.2 members recognized for their service to the IFIP community. Please join us in congratulating:

- Wanda Orlikowski, who was recognized with the Silver Core Award
- Lucas Introna and Seamus Kelley, both of whom were recognized with the Outstanding Service Award

CFP for 2018 IFIP 8.2 Working Conference -- San Francisco

2017-05-06 16:49

Living with Monsters? Social Implications of Algorithmic Phenomena,
Hybrid Agency and the Performativity of Technology

IFIP 8.2 2018 Working Conference

San Francisco, December 11 & 12, 2018
Submission Deadline: May 27, 2018

Program Chairs:
Margunn Aanestad (U. of Oslo), Carsten Østerlund (Syracuse U.), Magnus Mähring (Stockholm S. of Econ), Kai Riemer (U. of Sydney) & Ulrike Schultze (SMU)

Lucy Suchman (Lancaster U.)

Bill Doolin awarded the IFIP Outstanding Service Award

Bill Doolin has been awarded the IFIP Outstanding Service Award for services rendered to IFIP. Congratulations!

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