After Latour: Globalisation, Inequity and Climate Change

Event date: 
2023-12-07 to 2023-12-08

The conference examines the contribution of Bruno Latour to IS research and in particular the significance of his later work on globalisation, inequity and climate change. Sessions also address empirical, methodological and theoretical debates in the domains of the two working groups.

Janaki Srinavasan will talk about “Of disruption and continuities: The place of history and politics in researching the Information Age”.

Bobby Banerjee will talk about "“Decolonizing Climate Change: Towards a Political Ontology of Sustainability”

Two panel sessions will discuss "Enabling Southern-anchored Networks for Strengthening Research-based Action" and "Theory and Practice: Alternative perspectives and methods"

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer in the Advances in Information and Communication Technology series, volume 696.

The conference will end with the IFIPWG8.2 Business Meeting at 17:30 (IST) on 8 December. This will be held in hybrid format. To join remotely please go to