Matthew JONES and Benjamin MUELLER welcomed all attending members, friends, and guests to the WG’s annual business meeting. Both shared their appreciation for the first in-person meeting in a while. The complementary option to dial-in online had to be canceled, however, because of a last-minute organizational issue.

The WG’s secretary Yeliz ESERYEL was absent.

The term of the current officers – Matthew JONES (chair), Benjamin MUELLER (vice-chair), and Yeliz ESERYEL (secretary) – will last until December 2024. Preparations for the next elections will be made to share with the membership during the next business meeting in December 2023.
Matthew JONES suggested to the membership present, that the WG’s past chair Eija KARSTEN should be nominated for the IFIP Service Award. The motion was passed unanimously.

An attendance list was passed around for all attendees to fill in (see below).
Matthew JONES explained the procedure for becoming a member (attendance at 2 of the past 3 Business Meetings; i.e. Munich and the two last years’ virtual meetings). No new members identified themselves.
Matthew JONES introduced plans by the IFIP overall leadership to overhaul the TC’s and WG’s membership lists. The focus of this is particularly on duplicate and dormant accounts. Benjamin MUELLER proposed that the officers will work out a process consistent with data privacy rules that now need to be followed. Once ready, members and friends will receive an e-mail to update their membership records accordingly and the process for signing up as a new member / friend on the website will be amended accordingly.

Benjamin MUELLER reported on the 2021 Jubilee Panel and Workshop hosted by the WG. The event contributed to IFIP’s overall 60-year celebration and was intended to review the WG’s accomplishments and chart out new potential avenues for the WG’s future initiatives. The event was set up in two parts: (a) a public panel with WG veteran members (Matthew JONES, Susan SCOTT, Erik MONTEIRO, and Dirk HOVORKA) which was publicly broadcast online, and (b) a members-only workshop to pick up the themes and ideas from the panel which was moderated by Benjamin MUELLER and the panelists. The public panel was very positively received and the workshop attracted 32 members. The event managed to cover its cost (mostly IFIP fees due to hosting online).
For the organizing team of the 2022 OASIS workshop, Markus ZIMMER reported that the workshop – which was based on the theme of “Criticality and Values in Digital Transformation Research” – managed to generate 35 submissions in total (11 full papers, 24 short papers). The in-presence workshop held in conjunction with the ICIS conference in Copenhagen attracted 58 participants (plus on-site registration and walk-ins). The program was rounded off by keynote addresses by Brit ROSS WINTHEREIK and Jannis KALLINIKOS. The financials will be reported next year when the event’s accounting is complete. Matthew JONES thanked Markus ZIMMER, Xenia VASILAKOPOULOU, Miria GRISOT, and Marko NIEMIMAA for their outstanding job organizing the workshop!

Matthew JONES shared that plans to (re-)organize a joint working conference with WG 9.4 as part of ICIS In Hyderabad on December 09, 2023, are taking shape. Program chairs for the conference will be Matthew JONES, Arunima MUKHERJEE, Yingqin ZHENG, and Devinder THAPAR. The theme will revolve around the legacy of the late Bruno Latour, further details as well as deadlines will be announced in due course.
Matthew JONES and Benjamin MUELLER invited the membership to volunteer for organizing the OASIS workshop that will be associated with ICIS 2024 in Bangkok. Any interested parties should contact Benjamin MUELLER by e-mail.

In line with last year’s resolution, Benjamin MUELLER reported that a LinkedIn group for WG 8.2 has been established (see: The group has attracted 16 members so far, which leads to a carefully optimistic evaluation of the pilot. So far, traffic is limited and mostly focused on WG’s official announcements and events. Benjamin MUELLER invited members to use the hashtag #wg82 to alert the channel moderators to relevant content to be re-shared with the membership. General use of the hashtag in members’ postings is also advertised / recommended to any content that might be of interest to the membership. To further promote the group, members are encouraged to invite their contacts with ties to 8.2 on LinkedIn to also join the group. A link to the group will also be included in the correspondence mailed out to members when they are being asked to update their membership records.
Benjamin MUELLER asked the membership whether updated records should also be compared with LinkedIn profiles to specifically invite people; the motion was passed unanimously.
Benjamin MUELLER asked the membership to review the membership policy. Thus far, only members of 8.2 are allowed as members of the group. He proposes that also friends who are registered on the website should be allowed to become members of the LinkedIn group; the motion was passed unanimously.
Markus ZIMMER asked whether groups can also be @mentioned in postings. Investigation of the matter after the meeting reveals, that groups cannot be mentioned. Rather, the use of the hashtag #wg82 is recommended.
A discussion emerged on what the primary / official communication channel of the WG will be in the future. Matthew JONES highlighted that the website will remain the WG’s official channel for the foreseeable future.

Matthew JONES and Benjamin MUELLER updated the membership on the steps that have been taken in response to the membership’s input from the Jubilee events. One input that received a lot of support back then was the introduction of interim events. Benjamin MUELLER emphasized that the officers are very supportive of this idea, but highlighted that events should be thought of as “by the members, for the members” initiatives that are then shared with the membership / community (rather than official IFIP events). The officer team has developed a series of event suggestions which were shared with the attendees:

- Open officer’s meeting
- Post-conference coaching options (3-6 months)
- Open research seminars
- "Meet the editors”
- Online PDW/R&R workshop
- Topical lightning talks
- Video series/impact podcasts on LinkedIn

Of the options shared, the idea of sharing research seminars hosted by members’ institutions received widespread support. Benjamin MUELLER invited members to share details through the LinkedIn group. The topical lightning talks were also received very positively. Benjamin MUELLER invited volunteers to reach out and will support setting up such events. The idea of an open officers’ meeting also received support. Matthew JONES and Benjamin MUELLER will investigate whether any mid-year meetings are planned and amenable to the idea. The other options were acknowledged and will be investigated / discussed further at future meetings.


Meeting closed at 18:00