Information Systems: Current Issues and Future Challenges

Event date: 
1998-12-10 to 2022-12-05

IFIP WG8.2 & WG8.6 Joint Working Conference on
Information Systems: Current Issues and Future Changes
Helsinki, Finland, December 10-13, 1998


1 Information Technology at the Turn of the Millennium: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Tor J. Larsen and Linda Levine - page 1


2 A World of Bits
Peter Cochrane - page 13

3 Conducting and Publishing Practice-driven Research
Robert W. Zmud - page 21

Part I: IT and IT Development

Virtual Realities

4 Blurring the Boundaries: Disentangling the Implications of Virtual Space
Anita Greenhill - page 37
Discussant presentation material (Androniki Panteli)

5 From Utopia to Dystopia: The Twin Faces of the Internet
Debra Howcroft and Brian Fitzgerald - page 49

Software Engineering

6 Surf: Achieving Quality Through Software Reuse–A Process Improvement Experiment in IBM Italia
Marco Riva and Alessandro Agostoni - page 71
Author presentation slides. Additional slide material.

7 Software Process Improvement: What Management Tends to Forget
Ivan Aaen and Jan Damsgaard - page 89

8 Problem Diagnosis in Software Process Improvement
Jakob Iversen, Peter Axel Nielsen, and Jacob Nørberg - page 111

9 Visibility, Silencing, and Surveillance in an IT Needs Analysis Project
Lynda Harvey - page 131

10 Who’s Afraid of Requirements Engineering?
Philip Morris, Marcelo Masera, and Andres Silva - page 149

Part II: Theory

Knowledge Management: Intra- and Interorganizational Issues

11 Investigating the Contradictions in Knowledge Management
Ulrike Schultze - page 155

12 Managing Knowledge Capability and Maturity
Richard Baskerville and Jan Pries-Heje - page 175
Discussant presentation slides (John R. Venable)

13 Competence-based Evolution of R&D Relationships
Veikko Seppänen, Matti Kurki, and Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi - page 197

14 Knowledge Transfer Under Coopetition
Claudia Loebbecke, Paul C. van Fenema, and Philip Powell - page 215

Collaboration Technology and Workflow

15 Colloboration and Collaborative Information Technology: What is the Nature of Their Relationship?
Helena Karsten - page 231

16 Diffusion of Infrastructure: Mobilization and Improvisation
Eric Monteiro and Vidar Hepsø - page 255
Author presentation slides

Theory as a Vehicle for Exploration

17 Toward a Socio-cognitive Theory of Information Systems: An Analysis of Key Philosophical and Conceptual Issues
Christopher J. Hemingway - page 275

18 Information Systems and the Double Mangle: Steering a Course Between the Scylla of Embedded Structure and
the Charybdis of Strong Symmetry
Matthew Jones - page 287

19 Practical and Theoretical Frameworks: Valuable Aids or Seductive Traps?
Michael D. Myers, Dan Robey, Chris Sauer, and Geoff Walsham - page 303

Actors and Networks in Systems Development

20 A Social Action Model of Situated Information Systems Design
Susan Gasson - page 307

21 Social Interactionist Framework for Information Systems Studies: The 4Cs
Bonnie Kaplan - page 327

22 Networks of Association and Due Process in IS Development
Tom McMaster, Richard T. Vidgen, and David G. Wastell - page 341
Discussant presentation material (Edgar A. Whitley)

23 Reflections on Early Requirements Gathering: Themes from Analyst-Client Conversations
Cathy Urquhart - page 359
Author presentation slides

Information Systems Strategy

24 SMEs and the Gains from IS: From Cost Reduction to Value Added
Margi Levy, Philip Powell, and Philip Yetton - page 377

25 Enterprise Transformation and the Alignment of Business and Information Technology Strategies: Lessons
from Practice
Tom Butler and Brian Fitzgerald - page 393
Discussant presentation material (Richard Veryard)

Standardizing Information Systems

Application Packages

26 International Trade at the Speed of Light: Building an Electronic Trading Infrastructure in Denmark, Finland,
and Hong Kong
Jan Damsgaard and Kalle Lyytinen - page 417

27 Optimal Allocation of Standardized Application Software Packages to Business Process Steps: A Simulation
Study based on Communication and Automation Costs
Susanne Leist and Robert Winter - page 439

Methods and Models

28 Innovations in Fiefdoms: Developing a Common Student Information System in Six Finnish Universities
Ari Heiskanen, Michael Newman, and Vesa Saarinen - page 455

29 Extending the Concept of a Reference Model Across Industries
Christian Bauer and Bernard Glasson - page 471

Change and Change Drivers

30 Change Effects and Legacy Information Systems: A Framework to Aid Our Understanding
Carole Brooke, Magnus Ramage, Keith Bennett, and Nicolas Gold - page 489
Discussant presentation material (Robert Moreton)

31 Framework for Barriers to IS-related Change: Development and Evaluation of a Theoretical Model
Mika Kirveennummi, Heli Hirvo, and Inger Eriksson - page 509

32 Sustaining Innovations Through It-competent Organizations: Insights from Practice
Ritu Agarwal, Jeanne Ross, and V. Sambamurthy - page 529

Part III: IS/IT Education in Academia and Practice

33 Groupware as Research and Educational Tools
Minh Huynh - page 539

34 Doctorates in IS: Time for a Rethink?
Carl Adams - page 541

35 Training Information Systems Professionals to Balance at the Edge of Chaos in a Technical World
Kay Fielden - page 549

36 Does University Education Lead to Adoption?
Karlheinz Kautz, Lone Malmborg, and Jan Pries-Heje - page 559