OASIS 2022 on Criticality and Values in Digital Transformation Research

Event date: 

IFIP Working Group 8.2 invites its friends, members and those who are interested to its OASIS Workshop on “Criticality and Values in Digital Transformation Research.”

The workshop takes place as an official ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) ancillary event on Saturday, December 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue will be the IT University Copenhagen, Room 5A14-16 (fifth floor).

We are happy and excited to share that Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik from IT University Copenhagen and Prof. Jannis Kallinikos from Luiss University, Rome, have agreed to serve as the keynote speakers for this year’s workshop (short bios at the end of this page).

Brit Ross Winthereik will talk about “The Citizen from Hell – Towards Socially Thick Experiential Computing.”

Jannis Kallinikos will talk about “The Data Lens: Technological Innovation and Institutional Change”.

The workshop starts with a morning coffee at 08:30 before we officially kick-off at 09:00. After Brit Ross Winthereik’s keynote and short intros to the manuscripts discussed in the roundtable session, we have lunch at 11:45. The roundtable session starts after lunch, at 12:30. Between the roundtables and the subsequent poster sessions, Jannis Kallinikos will give his keynote at 14:00. The poster sessions start at 15:00. Afterwards, we close the workshop and aim to end at 16:45 before the IFIP 8.2 Business Meeting starts at 17:00 (schedule below).

Please note, in order to participate in the workshop, you are required to register via the ICIS registration website: https://icis2022.aisconferences.org/register/

In case you only wish to join the workshop (without ICIS registration), we can provide you with the following link: https://aisnet.org/event/icis2022ancillary

If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to reach out.

We look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!

The OASIS 2022 Workshop Co-Chairs

Markus Zimmer, markus.zimmer@leuphana.de
Xenia Vasilakopoulou, polyxeni.vasilakopoulou@uia.no
Miria Grisot, miriag@ifi.uio.no
Marko Niemimaa, marko.niemimaa@uia.no

Preliminary schedule:
08:30 Registration and morning coffee
09:00 Workshop starts
09:15 Prof. Brit Ross Winthereik on The Citizen from Hell – Towards Socially Thick Experiential Computing
10:15 Break
10:30 Intros to manuscripts discussed at roundtable sessions
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Roundtable Session
13:45 Break
14:00 Jannis Kallinikos on The Data Lens: Technological Innovation and Institutional Change
15:00 Break
15:10 First poster session
16:00 Second poster session
17:00 Workshop ends
17:15 IFIP 8.2 Business Meeting
18:00 Closing

Keynote speakers‘ short bio:

Brit Ross Winthereik is Professor at Denmark’s Technical University in the Dept of Technology, Management and Economics, Division of Responsible Innovation and Design. She holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has been one of the founding members of the Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies. Her main area of expertise is social studies of digital infrastructures. Her current research revolves around public sector digitalization in Europe with special attention to how digital technologies shape citizen-state relations.She leads the Nordforsk sponsored project Infrastructures for Partially Digital Citizens, which focuses on informal digital support work. She is co-author of Monitoring Movements: Recursive Partnerships and Infrastructures (MIT Press, 2013), co-editor of Electrifying Anthropology (Bloomsbury, 2019), and of Experimenting with Ethnography: A Companion to Analysis (Duke, 2021).

Jannis Kallinikos is professor of Organization Studies at Luiss University, Rome, Italy where he holds the Cisco Chair on Digital Transformation and Data-Driven Innovation. His research focuses on the impact of data and digital technologies on organizations, economic institutions and practices. He has published widely in Management, Information Systems and Sociology journals and written several monographs including The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological Change (Edward Elgar, 2007) and Governing Through Technology: Information Artefacts and Social Practice (Palgrave, 2011). He has together with Paul Leonardi and Bonnie Nardi co-edited Materiality and Organizing: Social Interaction in a Technological World (Oxford University Press, 2012). A forthcoming book of his (co-authored wich Cristina Alaimo) with the title Data Rules: Reinventing the Market Economy is scheduled to appear by MIT Press in late summer 2022. Kallinikos has earlier been professor in the Department of Management at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2019, Kallinikos is advisor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the nomination of Nobel Prize candidates in Economics.