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SAVE THE DATE: Pre-ICIS OASIS Workshop 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark

The OASIS pre-ICIS 2022 workshop calls for submissions that take a value-reflective and critical stance on digital transformation. While researchers have paid great attention to understanding how digital transformation can uphold and better the status-quo, there is an emerging awareness of negative consequences and new socioeconomic challenges triggered by digital technologies. Indeed, we face a multitude of societal and organizational issues that digital technologies have the potential to amplify or alleviate; depending on which values we value.

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IFIPWG8.2 Jubilee Panel and Workshop on the future of research on information systems and organisations

IFIP WG8.2 invites all of its members, friends, and other interested parties to join us for a special event this year to celebrate IFIP’s 60th anniversary.

“Where next? New directions for research on the interaction of information systems and organisations”

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Business Meeting 2020

The IFIPWG8.2 Business Meeting will be held at 19:00 UTC on 17 December 2020 on Zoom.

The timing has been chosen to avoid clashes with the Joint Working Conference and ICIS and to try to optimise the opportunity for participation across different time zones. Anybody who is interested in Information Systems and Organisations is welcome to attend the meeting and become a registered “friend" of WG8.2. Attendance at two of the most recent three Business Meetings is the requirement for friends to be elected as members.

We hope to see you there.

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2020-12-17 to 2022-08-16

Paper Development Workshops @ Joint Working Conference 10.-11.12.2020

For the Paper Development Workshop we solicit Research-In-Progress papers that engage with an aspect of the conference theme. These papers should be in the form of extended abstracts, with a maximum length of 2000 words, excluding references.
**DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 10** Notification of acceptance October 20
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2020-12-10 to 2022-08-16

Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) Pre-ICIS Workshop on Post-Digitalization

Workshop Theme: Digitalization and its implications for organizations and society are currently attracting a lot of interest in the Information Systems literature. For OASIS 2019, we ask what will happen once the temporary excitement about digitalization ceases and phenomena currently discussed as digital (e.g. digital innovation, digital transformation, digital business strategy) have become inherently and so naturally digital that they are not discussed separately anymore?

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2019-12-14 to 2022-08-16