OASIS workshop, Ft. Worth, TX, US

Event date: 
2015-12-12 to 2024-05-25

An OASIS Workshop will be held on Saturday 12 December 2015 8:45am-5pm in Texas Ballroom I, Omni Hotel, as an ICIS conference pre-event in Fort Worth, TX, US. The program is here.


Increasingly journal reviewers are getting very strict about originality of submitted papers and have been known to reject papers which in some way resembled earlier conference or workshop submissions.
I would like to make sure that if our full paper submission to OASIS workshop is accepted it would not be distributed to the other attendees on an open network (and thus searchable by future potential reviewers).
It may seem like a strange concern (since the aim of the workshop is paper development it should be obvious that the papers might be developed at a later date for a journal submission) but I know of an instance when this has caused a problem.
A bigger issue is - do we really want to move towards a situation when re-developed conference papers cannot be submitted to a journal?
Best regards,
Ela Klecun

There is no plan to publish a proceedings of the workshop.