Business Meeting Minutes, Fort Worth TX, USA, 12 December 2015

1. Opening
The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Kevin Crowston, at 4 pm. Kevin welcomed the attendees to the business meeting and noted that the attendance list was being circulated.

2. Officers
During November 2015, the members voted for the new chair, vice chair and secretary. Ulrike Schultze (US) was elected the Chair and Eija Karsten (FI) was elected Vice-Chair. For secretary, the election outcome was a tie between our two candidates. After discussion amongst the current officers and the two candidates, we have jointly concluded that the best way to honor the vote from the membership is to have both candidates serve as secretary. They are Catherine Middleton (CA) and Matthew Jones (UK).
Ulrike Schultze then took over chairing the meeting. She presented Kevin Crowston a plaque to commemorate his services for the Working Group.

3. New Members
Ulrike explained the protocol for electing new members. To be eligible, prospective members need to have attended another business meeting within the past 3 years. Three new members put themselves forward for nomination: Hani Safadi, Daniel Schlagwein and Dale MacKrell. The attendance records were checked to verify their eligibility. The members voted unanimously to name them as new members.

4. Past Working Conferences and Workshops
Hani Safadi, the co-organizer of the OASIS Workshop that had taken place earlier the same day, reported on OASIS 2016. It had 48 participants from 16 countries with 25 accepted papers. The workshop generated a small deficit.
The joint Working Conference and OASIS Workshop “Information Systems and Global Assemblages: (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations,” which took place in Auckland December 11-12, 2014, was mentioned. It was reported in the previous Business Meeting.

6. Future conferences
Allen Higgins and Wanda Orlikowski presented the working conference to be held December 9-10 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. The theme of the conference is “Beyond Interpretivism? New Encounters with Technology and Organization." The conference web site is

The next OASIS workshop and business meeting will take place adjacent to ICIS 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. The Chair called for volunteers to organize. Tony Ammeter (University of Mississippi) volunteered to recruit two of his former students, one of whom is in Korea, to serve as conference organizers. He also volunteered to mentor them.

In 2018 there are plans to have a working conference in San Francisco prior to ICIS.

8. LISTSERV policy
Currently IFIPWG82@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU is an unmoderated list. Ulrike opened a discussion highlighting that we had received some complaints about what some perceived as SPAM posted on the listserv. After some discussion of how the listserv currently worked and some comments on the pros and cons of keeping it un-moderated, the motion was called to a vote. The majority of participants voted in support of moderating, with only four participants opposing the motion. Thus it was decided that IFIP Working Group 8.2 maintains a moderated email listserv that may be used by friends and members of the working group to discuss topics related to the Working Group mission and to announce events with which the poster is personally involved. Eija Karsten volunteered to serve as the group’s first moderator.

9. Nominations for Awards
There are currently two IFIP awards to working group members and officers: the Silver Core and the Outstanding Service Award (OSA). Ken Kendall described the awards and the nomination procedure. More information can be found on the WG web site.

10 Any Other Business
Ulrike called for other business. There was no other business.

11. Meeting was adjourned at 16:35.