Business meeting minutes, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 11 December, 2005

Las Vegas, NV, USA
December 11, 2005

Michael Myers (NZ), Chair, called the meeting to order at 16:00 PM. Michael welcomed the new officers, Nancy Russo (US) Vice Chair, and Brian Fitzgerald (IE) Secretary.

Michael thanked the outgoing Chair, Julie Kendall (US) for her service and presented her with a plaque to mark the occasion. Michael thanked the organizers of the OASIS Conference, Helena Holmstrom (IE) and Elizabeth Rossen (US) on a very successful meeting.

1. Past Meetings

Michael reviewed past meetings of the Working Group from 2003-2005, highlighting the variety of topics.

Helena Holmstrom (IE) summarized the OASIS Workshop which had just taken place.

2. Future Meetings

Brian Fitzgerald (IE) provided information on the Summer 2006 Working Conference to be held in Limerick, Ireland on 12-15 July. The conference theme is Social Inclusion: Societal and Organisational Implications for Information Systems. The General Chair will be Julie Kendall (US). The Program Chairs will be Debra Howcroft (UK) and Eileen Trauth (US) and the Organizing Chairs are Tom Butler (IE) and Brian Fitzgerald (IE). About 60 submissions have been received and about 24 full papers may be accepted. For information, see

Michael Myers (NZ) spoke about the IFIP TC8 30th Anniversary Conference to be held in Santiago, Chile.
Theme: “The past and future of Information Systems: 1976-2006 and beyond”.
Conference Dates: 20-25 August 2006 (in conjunction with IFIP World Computer Congress).
Conference Chair: J. Dewald Roode (SA); Program Chairs: David Avison (UK), Steve Elliot (US), John Krogstie (NO), and Jan Pries-Heje (DK). Papers due 15 January 2006 (see 8.2 website for more details)

Kevin Crowston (US) and Eleanor Wynn (US) provided information on the summer 2007 Working Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, USA on 29-31 July. The conference theme is Virtuality and Virtualization in Organizations, with an anticipated submission date of February 2007. The General Chair will be Wanda Orlikowski (US). The Program Chairs will be Kevin Crowston (US) and Sandra Sieber (ES) and the Organizing Chair is Eleanor Wynn (US).

Catherine Middleton (CA) spoke about an Oasis Workshop to be held Montreal in December 2007, on the day preceding ICIS, by Wendy Cukier (CA), Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA), and Catherine Middleton (CA).

3. Proposals for New Conferences/Workshops

Nancy Russo (US) spoke on behalf of Matt Germonprez (US) about an OASIS Workshop planned for Milwaukee in December 2006 prior to ICIS. It was MSC that this workshop be approved.

Catherine Middleton and Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA) discussed a Working Conference in on 10-13 Aug 2008 in Toronto prior to AMCIS. The theme would be Information Technology in a Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century. General Chair Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Program Chairs: Michael Barrett (UK) and Liz Davidson (US). Organising Chair: Catherine Middleton.

Isabel Ramos (PT) spoke about a Conference proposed for Summer 2008 Guimarães, Portugal. The theme would be the role of IS in leveraging intelligence and creativity in SMEs. General Chairs would be Dewald Roode and Rick Watson (US). The Program Chairs would be Bernd Stahl (UK), Gurpreet Dhillon (US) and Richard Baskerville (US). The Organising Chair would be Isabel Ramos.

There followed a discussion on the relative merits of both proposals. Duane Truex (US) spoke about the possibility of having two conferences per year. Heinz Klein (US) suggested moving Portugal to Dec 2006 to precede ICIS in Paris. Brian Fitzgerald suggested that a 6-month gap between Conferences might not be enough to generate papers for both. Ken Peffers (HK) suggested approving both and deciding dates subsequently. Michael Myers suggested a vote on which proposal should be accepted for 2008. Both proposals were put to the floor. The Toronto proposal was approved by 16-11. Portugal was approved for a Conference in 2009.

Michael Myers requested members to consider making a proposal for a December 2008 OASIS workshop in Paris (in conjunction with ICIS).

4. Election of New Members

The following members of IFIP WG 8.2 were nominated and approved for membership, subject to verification of their attendance record by the Secretary. Congratulations!

* Pamela Abbott, University College Dublin, EI
* Hala Annabi, University of Washington, US
* Pratyush Bharati, UMASS, US
* Ben Light, University of Salford, UK
* Hideyuki Matsumoto, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc, UK
* Tuure Tuunanen, University of Auckland, NZ

5. Other Business

Helena Holmstrom (IE) discussed the large number of OASIS submissions for the workshop just held. Some discussion followed on the OASIS format and selection criteria. Ulrike Schultze (US) discussed the Academy of Management format for seminars and poster sessions. Kevin Crowston (US) proposed a Task Force of previous OASIS chairs to examine this to be chaired by Nancy Russo. The proposal was MSC.

Kevin Crowston (US) proposed a Task Force to investigate the IFIP 8.2 publication mode. The proposal was MSC. It will be chaired by Sandra Sieber (ES) and will comprise former Program Chairs and Jan De Gross (US).

Ken Kendall (US) spoke about the Awards Task Force for determining recipients of the Silver Core and Outstanding Service Awards. The Silver Core recognizes those who have served IFIP as General Assembly members, committee and working group officers, and members of the IFIP Congress Program Committees. Ken will continue to chair the Task Force which will comprise previous award holders.

The meeting was adjourned at 17:30 PM.

Submitted by Brian Fitzgerald (IE), Secretary