Business meeting minutes, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 10 December, 2006

Minutes of the Business Meeting
December 10, 2006

Michael Myers (NZ), Chair, called the meeting to order at 16:30 PM.
Michael introduced the officers Nancy Russo (US) and Brian Fitzgerald (IE), and thanked the organizers of the OASIS workshop Matt Germonprez (US) and Michel Avital (US).

1. Previous Meetings

Michael reviewed past meetings of the Working Group from 2003-2006, highlighting the variety of topics, and highlighting the difference between working conferences and OASIS workshops.

2. Future Meetings

Sandra Sieber (ES) provided information on the Summer 2007 Working Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, USA on 29-31 July. The conference theme is Virtuality and Virtualization in Organizations. Sandra spoke about the variety of topics that have been the focus of the papers submitted. Final copy is due on March 1 2007. The General Chair will be Wanda Orlikowski (US). The Program Chairs will be Kevin Crowston (US) and Sandra Sieber (ES) and the Organizing Chair is Eleanor Wynn (US). Keynote speakers include Michael Cohen (US) and John King (US). A Closing Panel is also proposed involving Wanda Orlikowski and Geoff Walsham. Sponsorship for the conference has also been provided by Intel. The venue for the conference is Marriott Hotel. About 75 participants are expected and the fee is likely to be $450.

3. Proposals for New Conferences/Workshops

Michael spoke about future conferences:

OASIS 2007, December 9, 2007 in Montreal, Canada (immediately before ICIS)
Organizers: Wendy Cukier (CA), Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA), and Catherine Middleton (CA)

Toronto, Canada Working Conference 10-13 August 2008 (prior to AMCIS),
Theme: “Information Technology in a Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century”
General Chair: Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA)
Program Chairs: Michael Barrett (GB) and Liz Davidson (US).
Organizing Chair: Catherine Middleton (CA).

Guimarães, Portugal, Summer 2009
Theme: “The role of IS in leveraging intelligence and creativity in SMEs”
Conference Dates: TBA
General Chair: Dewald Roode (ZA) and Rick Watson (US)
Program Chairs: Bernd Stahl (GB), Gurpreet Dhillon (US) and Richard Baskerville (US)
Organizing Chair: Isabel Ramos (PT)

Nathalie Mitev proposed an OASIS workshop in Paris (in conjunction with ICIS) for December 2008. Nancy Russo seconded, and it was approved unanimously.

Michael requested OASIS proposals for ICIS 2009 in Phoenix Arizona

4. Election of New Members

A large number of participants applied for membership status, and were approved conditionally subject to verification of their attendance record by the Secretary. Following this verification process the following may be confirmed as new members of IFIP 8.2.

1. Par Agerfalk, University of Limerick, Ireland
2. Tony Ammeter, University of Mississippi, US
3. Ryan Baxter, Case Western, US
4. Tsai-hsin Chu, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
5. Yeliz Eseryel, Syracuse University, US
6. Uri Gal, Case Western, US
7. Nitza Geri, Open University of Israel, Israel
8. Kathleen Greenaway, Queens University, Canada
9. Sean Hansen, Case Western, US
10. Rosie Hauck, Illinois State University, US
11. Sean McGann, Ohio University, US
12. Qing Li, Syracuse University,
13. Rikard Lindgren, Viktoria Institute, Sweden
14. Nathalie Mitev, London School of Economics, UK
15. Allison Morgan, Penn State, US
16. Ken Murphy, Williamette University, US
17. Antti Nurmi, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland
18. Jeria Quesenberry, Penn State, US
19. Gilad Ravid, Ben Gurion University, Isrrael
20. Rens Scheepers, University of Melbourne, Australia
21. Bjarne Sclichter, Arhus University, Denmark
22. Bob Willis, Lakehead University, Canada
23. Mei-Lien Young, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

5. Awards

Ken Kendall (US) spoke about IFIP Awards. The Outstanding Service Award will be given to Trevor Wood-Harper (UK).

6. Other Business

Kevin Crowston (US) spoke in remembrance of the late Roberta Lamb (US), a member of 8.2, and proposed a motion that the group acknowledge her passing. Nancy Russo seconded and the meeting approved unanimously. Michael will contact Roberta’s family and will have something added to the IFIP 8.2 web site.

The meeting was adjourned at 17:00PM.

Submitted by Brian Fitzgerald (IE), Secretary