Business meeting minutes, Manchester, UK, 17 July, 2004

Manchester, UK
17 July 2004

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by Julie Kendall (US), Chair of the Working Group.

1. Introduction

On behalf of the group, Julie offered special thanks to the organizers of the conference, including General Chairs Richard Baskerville (US) and Frank Land (UK); Program Chairs Bonnie Kaplan (US), Duane Truex (US), Dave Wastell (UK), and Trevor Wood-Harper (UK); Organizing Chair Peter Kawalek (UK); and Business Sponsorship Chair, Bob Wood (UK).

2. Past Meetings

A review of past meetings 1997-2003 included the following:

* OASIS Workshop, Seattle, Washington, US, 14 Dec 2003 (before ICIS).
* IS Perspectives and Challenges in the Context of Globalization, Joint meeting WG 8.2/9.4, Athens, GR, 15-17 June 2003.
* Global and Organizational Discourse about Information Technology, Barcelona, SP,12-14 Dec, 2002.
* OASIS Workshop, New Orleans, Louisiana, US, 16 Dec 2001 (before ICIS).
* Realigning Research and Practice in IS Development: The Social and Organisational Perspective, Working Conference, Boise, Idaho, US, 27-29 July 2001.
* OASIS Workshop, Brisbane, Australia, 10-13 December, 2000 (before ICIS 2000).
* IS2000: The Social and Organizational Perspective on Research and Practice in Information Technology, Working Conference, Aalborg, DK, 9-11 June, 2000.
* OASIS Workshop, Charlotte, North Carolina, US, 12 Dec,1999 (before ICIS).
* New Information Technologies in Organizational Processes: Field Studies and Theoretical Reflections on the Future of Work, Working Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, US, 20-22 August 1999.
* Joint IFIP WG8.2 & WG8.6 Conference on Information Systems: Current Issues and Future Changes, Helsinki, FI, December 1998.
* Information Systems and Qualitative Research, Working Conference, Philadelphia, US, May 31 to June 3, 1997.

The IFIP WG 8.2/9.4 Working Conference in Athens 2003 and the Working Conference in Barcelona 2002 are now officially closed, which means the organizers (Angeliki Poulymenakou (GR) and Sandra Sieber (SP), respectively) have filed all required financial documents with WG 8.2. The chair will include their reports in her upcoming report to TC8. These were both very successful conferences, with 108 attending in Athens and 93 attending in Barcelona.

3. Forthcoming Working Conferences and Workshops

Isabel Ramos (PT) provided details of the upcoming OASIS Workshop to be held in Washington, DC.

* Time and place: 12 Dec, 2004 from 9 AM-3:30 PM in the breakout rooms of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the ICIS Conference Hotel, immediately prior to the ICIS 2004 conference.
* Workshop Coordinators: Isabel Ramos (PT) and Noriko Hara (US)
* Submissions: To present, please submit a 500-word abstract of your work to by 30 Sept., 2004.

Presenters will have 10-15 minutes to present their work, and a few minutes more to answer questions, in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Kalle Lyytinen (US) gave a short presentation on the next Working Conference to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Details will be available at

* Theme: “Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio Technical Issues and Challenges”
* Conference Dates: 1 - 3 August, 2005
* General Chair: Kalle Lyytinen (US)
* Program Chairs: Carsten Sorensen (UK) and Youngjin Yoo (US)
* Organizing Chairs: Michel Avital (US) and Matt Germonprez (US)
* Submissions: February 1 2005 (Acceptance notification, April 15)

The conference will begin with a reception on Sunday. The program will include three keynote speakers, 8-9 paper sessions and 4-5 panels. The WG 8.2 business meeting will be held on Wednesday. Several funding issues were discussed, including the possibility of dropping the conference book and replacing it with a CD plus web publication of the proceedings.

The issue of dropping the conference book generated substantial discussion. A number of comments regarding the value of a proceedings in book form were made, including the advantages of having the proceedings available at the conference as well as in the library or on your bookshelf, and the prestige of a chapter in a book for professional purposes. It is a requirement of IFIP that Working Conferences produce a proceedings book, and it must be published through Kluwer. It is possible, however, to publish abstracts of the papers on the web. Duane Truex (US) raised the question to a vote. The motion to continue publishing a book version of the proceedings passed overwhelmingly.

Eileen Trauth (US) and Debra Howcroft (UK) presented information on the 2006 Working Conference to be held in Limerick, Ireland.

* Theme: "Social Exclusion: Societal and Organizational Implications for Information Systems”
* Conference Dates: December 2006 immediately prior to ICIS
* General Chair: Julie Kendall
* Program Chairs: Debra Howcraft (UK) and Eileen Trauth (US/EI)
* Organizing Co-Chairs: Brian Fitzgerald (EI) and Tom Butler (EI)

The theme addresses the processes that create social exclusion and the issues that arise from it, where exclusion is very broadly defined. How can we bring in new people and new ways of thinking? Who is at the table, and who is not? For those not at the table, what do they lose? And for those at the table, what do they lose from not having others there?

Eleanor Wynn (US) and Kevin Crowston (US), provided information on the Working Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, US, in the summer of 2007. The new title will be “Virtuality and Virtualization”. The conference will be hosted by Intel, but not held at the Intel site.

* Theme: “Virtuality and Virtualization”
* Conference Dates: Summer 2007
* General Chair: To be announced
* Program Chairs: Kevin Crowston (US) & Sandra Sieber (SP)
* Organizing Chair: Eleanor Wynn (US)

4. New Business

New proposals were requested for Oasis Workshops in December 2005 in Las Vegas and December 2007 in Montreal and for a Working Conference in 2008. Catherine Middleton (CA) volunteered to organize the Oasis Workshop in 2007. Anyone else who is interested in working on these should contact Julie Kendall.

Ken Kendall (US) provided information on IFIP Awards. The Silver Core (named after the magnetic core, once the most common type of computer memory) is awarded to those who have served IFIP as General Assembly (GA) members, committee and working group officers, and members of IFIP Congress Program Committees. The Outstanding Service Award (OSA) is awarded for services rendered to IFIP. TC and WG members not normally eligible for the Silver Core Award are eligible for the OSA. In WG 8.2, we have a standing committee consisting of all past WG 8.2 Silver Core and OSA awardees for nominating candidates for the OSA and forwarding them to the TC8 chair for consideration. WG 8.2 currently has two nominations in process. Although only members of the committee can formally nominate and vote, anyone is welcome to provide recommendations for nominations and suggestions for criteria to use in selecting nominees.

WG 8.2 members receiving the Silver Core (in order of the year the award was given)

* Gordon Davis (Silver Core, 1989)
* Ken Kendall (Silver Core, 1995)
* David Avison (Silver Core, 1998)
* Richard Baskerville (Silver Core, 1998)
* Bernard Glasson (Silver Core, 1998)
* Kalle Lyytinen (Silver Core, 1998)
* Jan DeGross (Silver Core, 2001)

WG 8.2 Members receiving the Outstanding Service Award (in order of the year the award was given)

* Niels Bjorn-Andersen (Outstanding Service Award, 1988)
* Heinz Klein (Outstanding Service Award, 1988)
* Enid Mumford (Outstanding Service Award, 1988)
* Frank Land (Outstanding Service Award, 1992)
* Hans Erik Nissen (Outstanding Service Award, 1998)
* Richard Welke (Outstanding Service Award, 1999)

A task force was established to look at scholarly communication, specifically, how to communicate scholarly output. Members of this committee are Kevin Crowston (US), Stephen Little (UK) and Jens Kaaber Pors (DK).

Anyone with suggestions for additional committees or task forces or other suggestions for the officers should contact Julie Kendall (US), Michael Myers (NZ) or Nancy Russo (US).

Time was provided for announcements from other organizations:

Richard Baskerville (US) and Lars Mathiassen (UK) reminded the group that IFIP WG 8.6 is having a working conference in Atlanta May 8-11, 2005, on Business Agility and IT Diffusion.

Jos Aarts (NL) provided information on a conference on medical errors, “To Err is System,” to be held in Portland, Oregon, on 13/14 September 2004.

Debra Howcroft (UK) announced that she and Michael Gallivan (US) will chair a research track on social and behavioral issues in IS for ICIS 2005 in Las Vegas.

5. Election of New Members

The following individuals were nominated and approved as new members of IFIP WG 8.2, subject to verification of attendance records by the Secretary.

* Alison Adam (UK)
* Wendy Cukier (CA)
* Ela Klecun (UK)
* Bjorn Lundell (SE)
* Carl Magnus Olsson (SE)
* Jens Kaaber Pors (DK)
* Elpida Prasopoulou (GR)
* Isabel Ramos (PT)
* Kostas Samiotis (GR)
* Bernd Carsten Stahl (UK)
* Dave Wastell (UK)
* David Wilson (UK)
* J.R.G. (Bob) Wood (UK)

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.

— Nancy L. Russo (US), Secretary