Business meeting minutes, Milan, Italy, 14 Dec 2013

IFIP Business Meeting Minutes
Milan, Italy, 14 Dec 2013

1. The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Brian Fitzgerald, at 4:17 pm. Brian welcomed the attendees to the workshop and business meeting, noted that the attendance list was being handed out as well as a list of lost members whose contact information was being sought.

2. Brian announced the results of the election of new officers:
a. Incoming Chair – Kevin Crowston
b. Vice-Chair - Ulrike Schultze
c. Secretary – Mike Chiasson
Kevin Crowston was introduced as the incoming Chair and he chaired the meeting from this point.

3. New Members: Brian explained the protocol for electing new members. To be eligible, prospective members need to have attended another business meeting within the past 3 years. Two prospective members put themselves forward for nomination. Two new members were confirmed by the secretary:

Mattias Bertram (DE)
Jan Devos (BE)

4. In response to a request from IFIP TC 8 to trim the WG membership, Kevin Crowston introduced a possible policy change to suspend the membership of members who do not attend a working group event within some time frame (e.g., within 5 years). After some discussion, the members presented voted against such a policy.

5. Past Conference:

a. Brian Fitzgerald reported on the recent IFIP 8.2 Working Conference in Tampa.

b. Daniel Schlagwein and Yeliz Eseryel reported on the Oasis Workshop that had just concluded. The workshop include 66 papers, 21 presentations and 45 round table sessions, overseen by 12 facilitators.

6. Future conferences:

a. Brian Fitzgerald presented on a proposed working conference to be held immediately prior to ICIS in Auckland, New Zealand, to be titled "Information Systems and Global Assemblages: (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations".

There was discussion about the possibility of including some track in the working conference akin to the Oasis workshop in order to accommodate as many attendees as possible. Brian agreed to take the suggestion back to the conference organizers.

b. Volunteers are sought to organize an OASIS workshop at ICIS 2015 (in Fort Worth) and a working conference in 2016 (perhaps in coordination with ICIS 2016 in Dublin or as a stand alone event in summer 2016).

7. Kevin mentioned an IFIP document on "Undermining Security and Trust Mechanisms" that was available for discussion and perhaps action.

8. Other Business: Kevin called for other business. There was no other business.

9. Meeting was adjourned.