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Conference Paper
Prestopnik, N., & Crowston, K.. (2012). Purposeful gaming & socio-computational systems: A citizen science design case. In Group ’12 Conference. presented at the 10/2012, Sanibel Island, FL, USA.
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Miscione, G., Ziolkowski, R., Zavolokina, L., & Schwabe, G.. (2018). Tribal Governance: The Business of Blockchain Authentication. In . presented at the Jan, Urban Centre for Computation and Data.
Miscione, G. (2018). Tribal governance, the necessity of strategizing-as-practice. In . presented at the Jul, Tallinn, Estonia.
Crowston, K., Østerlund, C., Howison, J., & Bolici, F.. (2011). Work as coordination and coordination as work: A process perspective on FLOSS development projects. In Third International Symposium on Process Organization Studies. presented at the 6/2011, Corfu, Greece. Retrieved from
Conference Proceedings
Kock, N., Avison, D., Baskerville, R., Myers, M. D., & Wood-Harper, T.. (1999). IS Action Research: Can We Serve Two Masters?. Twentieth International Conference on Information Systems. presented at the 12-15 December 1, Charlotte, North Carolina.
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Østerlund, C., & Crowston, K.. (2013). Boundary-Spanning Documents in Online FLOSS Communities: Does One Size Fit All?. Forty-sixth Hawai’i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-46). presented at the 1/2013, Wailea, HI.
Larsen, M., & Myers, M. D.. (1997). BPR Success Or Failure? A Business Process Re-Engineering Project In The Financial Services Industry. Eighteenth International Conference on Information Systems. presented at the 14-17 December, Atlanta, Georgia.