Business meeting minutes, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 9 December, 2007

Minutes of the IFIP WG8.2 Business Meeting
December 9, 2007

Michael Myers (NZ), Chair, called the meeting to order at 16:35 PM.
Michael thanked the organizer of the OASIS Workshop, Wendy Cukier (CA), Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA), and Catherine Middleton (CA), for a very successful workshop with almost 90 attendees.

1. Past Meetings

Michael reviewed past meetings of the Working Group from 2005-2007, highlighting the variety of topics. He clarified the difference between workshops and conferences, in terms of reviewing depth etc.

2. Future Meetings

Toronto Conference, 10-13 August 2008.

Catherine Middleton (CA) presented details on a Working Conference on IT and Change in the Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century. The Conference officers are a follows:

General Chair: Ojelanki Ngwenyama
Program Chairs: Michael Barrett and Elizabeth Davidson
Organizing Chair: Catherine Middleton

The conference will be held at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. Accommodation on campus at reasonable rates will be available.
Michael Barrett (UK) spoke about the plan for panels.

The conference is immediately followed by AMCIS.

OASIS 2008 14 December 2008 (with ICIS in Paris)
Thi workshop is being organized by Nathalie Mitev (UK).

Guimaraes, Portugal Summer 2009
Actual dates for this conference have stll to be finalized. The conference officers are as follows:

General Chair: Dewald Roode (ZA) and Rick Watson (US)
Program Chairs: Bernd Stahl (GB), Gurpreet Dhillon (US) and Richard Baskerville (US)
Organizing Chair: Isabel Ramos (PT)

Perth, Australia, December 2010
This is planed as a joint IFIP WG 8.2 / 8.6 conference. The theme of the conference is Human Benefit through the Diffusion of IS Design Science Research. The Conference Officers are as follows:

General Chair: Deborah Bunker (AU) and Nancy Russo (US)
Program Chairs: Jan Pries-Heje (DK) and John Venable (AU)
Organizing Chairs: John Venable (AU) and Jan Pries-Heje (DK)

John Venables (AU) talked about the issue of scheduling the conference. IFIP WG8.6, who are joint sponsors, have another conference in early 2011. John proposed moving to April 2010 around the Easter break. This was approved unanimously at the meeting.

The venue for the conference could be Curtin University (with on-campus accommodation), or in a Perth City hotel. Some brief opinions on the merits of each were discussed.

3. Proposals for New Conferences/Workshops

Michael Myers requested members to consider making a proposal for a December 2009 OASIS workshop in Phoenix, Arizona (in conjunction with ICIS).

4. Election of New Members

The following members of IFIP WG 8.2 were nominated and approved for membership, subject to verification of their attendance record by the Secretary.

Isabelle Fagnot, Syracuse University, US
Marlei Pozzebon, HEC Montreal, CA
Alain Ross, Athabasca University, CA

The above names have been checked and verified - Congratulations!

5. Awards

Ken Kendall (US) spoke about the Awards for outstanding service which were imminent.
He outlined the different awards and requested nominations to be sent to him.

6. Other Business

Michael spoke about the process of election of officers which would become in 2008.

Nancy Russo talked about a more attractive and interactive forum for the IFIP WG8.2 group. She requested volunteers for this.

The meeting was adjourned at 17:03 PM.

Brian Fitzgerald (IE), Secretary