Business meeting minutes, Portland, OR, USA, 31 July 2007

Business meeting minutes, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 15 December, 2009

IFIP WG 8.2 Business Meeting
Phoenix, AZ 15 Dec 2009

The meeting was called to order at 4pm by the Working Group Chair, Nancy Russo (US)

  1. Sue Conger, AIS VP for SIGs, Chapters and Affiliated Organizations, welcomed the group and encouraged people to continue their involvement with the Working Group and with AIS.
  2. Nancy Russo briefed the group on the outcomes of the recent TC8 meeting.

OASIS 2009 schedule and proceedings available

The schedule and proceedings for OASIS 2009 are now available at

OASIS 2009 registration

We've learned that the AIS registration system has a technical glitch that is showing the OASIS workshop as full, and participants are not currently able to register for the workshop as a result. AIS is working on solving this problem, but rest assured that the workshop is not full and we welcome your participation in Phoenix next month! An announcement will be posted on this site when workshop registration becomes available and we expect to be able to take late registrations at the door, although pre-registration is preferred.

IFIP Sustainable Development Programme (SDP)

Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) is an IFIP (International Federation For Information Processing) funded programme. The aim is to offer young IT professionals and students the opportunity of building up their knowledge of developing countries and development issues. The programme aims at promoting internationalization of education by providing young people with the opportunity of establishing contacts with institutions and organizations.

OASIS workshop 2009 in Phoenix AZ, USA

2009-12-15 09:00
2009-12-15 18:00

IFIP 8.2
Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) 2009 Workshop

ICIS Conference Hotel
Phoenix, AZ United States
9 AM - 4 PM Tuesday 15 December 2009: A Pre-ICIS Workshop

• Is your research concerned with the interaction of information systems, organizations and society?
• Are you ready to present some of your current research ideas and approaches?
• Do you need a forum to discuss some of your concepts and/or findings that have not yet crystallized
into a formal paper?
• Would you like feedback from your peers as you move your current work forward?

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Submissions due for Perth 2010 Working Conference


See the CFP for details on making a submission.

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University of Minho

University of Minho

23 June - Paper Session

23 June - Paper Session

23 June - Asking Questions

23 June - Asking Questions
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