News about "Monster" working conference in December 2018 in SFO

We have two exciting pieces of news to share about our upcoming working conference "Living with Monsters? Social Implications of Algorithmic Phenomena, Hybrid Agency and the Performativity of Technology" (Dec 11&12, 2018, in San Francisco)

Besides the two keynote speakers -- Lucy Suchman and Paul Edwards -- the meeting will feature the following stimulating panel:

Studying “Sociomateriality”: An Exploration of Constructs in the Making

The panel will focus on how we work with materiality in our research studies. Going beyond debates about the best approach to examining “sociomateriality,” the panelists will offer a constructive exploration of the specific ideas and practices that guide their research studies, sharing the value they obtain from working this way.

Wanda Orlikowski (MIT)

Dubrava Cecez-Kecmanovic (University of New South Wales)
Silvia Gherardi (Trento University)
Susan Scott (LSE)

In addition, the conference will close with a dinner cruise of San Francisco Bay:

Hope you can join us for this "monstrous" IFIP 8.2 working conference. Submission deadline for 3,000- and 7,000-word contributions is May 27, 2018.