Research methods in information systems

Event date: 
1984-09-01 to 2023-03-26

Research methods in information systems
Manchester, UK
1-3 September 1984

These papers appear in Research methods in information systems, edited by Guy Fitzgerald, Rudi Hirschheim, Enid Mumford and A. Trevor Wood-Harper, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, 1985

Table of Contents


The Horse is Dead … Long Live the Horse

1 Information Systems Research Methodology: An Introduction to the Debate
G. Fitzgerald, R.A. Hirschheim, E. Mumford and A.T. Wood-Harper

2 Information Systems Epistemology: An Historical Perspective
Rudi Hirschheim

Section 1
3 Acquiring Knowledge of Information Systems: Research in a Methodological Quagmire
Hans-Erik Nissen

4 Contextualist Research and the Study of Organizational Change Processes
Andrew M. Pettigrew

5 Socio-Technical Design, Trade Union Strategies and Action Research
Åke Sandberg

David Cooper

Section 2
6 Research Methodologies and MIS Research
A. Milton Jenkins

7 Development, Application and Enrichment of STROBE: Refinement of an Observational Tool for the Information Analyst
Kenneth Kendall and Julie Kendall

8 The Poverty of Scientism in Information Systems
Heinz K. Klein and Kalle Lyytinen

Tony Lowe

Section 3
9 Research Methods in Information Systems: Using Action Research
Trevor Wood-Harper

10 Phenomenology: A Preferred Approach to Research on Information Systems
Richard J. Boland, Jr.

11 Selection of a Research Method
Lyn Antill

Section 4
12 The Critical Theory of Jurgen Habermas as a Basis for a Theory of Information Systems
Kalle J. Lyytinen and Heinz K. Klein

13 Perceptions and Deceptions: Issues for Information Systems Research
Kathy Brittain White

14 The Need for Longitudinal Designs in the Study of Computing Environments
Nicholas P. Vitalari

Raul Espejo

15 Conference Review: IS Research ? A Doubtful Science
Niels Bjørn-Andersen

APPENDIX: Additional Papers

These three papers were not given at the Colloquium but are worthy of inclusion. Robert Galliers wrote his paper after the Colloquium and it contains his reactions to what was said there. Per Flensburg and Enid Mumford were asked to speak but, unfortunately, a too tight program schedule meant that there was not the time available for them to do so.

1 In Search of a Paradigm for Information Systems Research
Robert D. Galliers

2 Two Research Methodologies for Studying User Development of Data Systems
Per Flensburg

3 Researching People Problems: Some Advice to a Student
Enid Mumford