IFIP Working Group 8.2 Officer Elections 2021 now open

The three-year terms of officers for WG 8.2 will be ending in December. Therefore, it is time to elect a new chair, vice-chair, and secretary. The call for nominations yielded one nominee for chair (Matthew Jones), one for vice-chair (Benjamin Mueller) and two for secretary (Pamela Abbott and Yeliz Eseryel).

You can access the ballot and the candidate statements here. To vote, you must be a member of the working group and logged into the site. Please contact the webmaster, Kevin Crowston, if you have problems logging in.

The election will be open until midnight 29 November anywhere on earth.

About IFIP 8.2 Elections

IFIP Technical Committee 8 holds the power to appoint the Chairs of its Working Groups and the Working Group Chairs, to appoint a Vice Chair and Secretary. TC 8 has traditionally allowed its working groups to initiate and advise the Committee on working group officers and this advice has been treated as final by TC 8 chairpersons. Similarly, the Working Group Chair has followed the advice of members in appointing the other officers. New officers elected by WG 8.2 are brought to TC 8 meetings by the WG 8.2 chair, recorded and forwarded to IFIP without further action by TC 8.2.

There are three elected officers: Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary. A tradition has been for people to move through the three offices. The vice-chair is assumed to be chair-elect and the secretary is assumed to be vice-chair-elect. Although traditional, this process is confirmed every three years through elections held online. A person accepting a nomination for secretary is thus making an implicit nine-year commitment to IFIP WG 8.2.