Business Meeting Minutes, Dublin, Ireland, 10 December 2016

Minutes of the IFIPWG8.2 Business Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, 10 December 2016

Those present: Margunn Aanestad, Carl Adams, Anthony Ammeter, Richard Baskerville, Andrew Burton-Jones, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Kevin Crowston, Bill Doolin, Samer Faraj, Brian Fitzgerald, Ella Hafermalz, Ole Hanseth, Allen Higgins, Dirk Hivorka, Lena Hylving, Lucas Introna, Matthew Jones (Co-Secretary), Arvind Karanakaran, Eija Karsten (Vice Chair), Donncha Kavanagh, Séamas Kelly, Marco Marabelli, Thomas Martine, Catherine Middleton (Co-Secretary), Nathalie Mitev, Ramiro Montealegre, Eric Monteiro, Reza Moussavi, Wanda Orlikowski, Jo Orsatti, Carsten Osterlund, Mahya Ostovar, Xinru Page, Brian Pentland, Nancy Pouloudi, Angeliki Poulymenakou, Kai Riemer, Rens Scheepers, Ulrike Schultze (Chair), Maria Spante, Burt Swanson, Monideepa Tarafdar, Gitte Tjornehoj, Alta van der Merwe, Simeon Vidolov, Geoff Walsham, Edgar Whitley, Stella Zafeiropoulou, Yinqin Zheng

1. Ulrike Schultze opened the meeting at 17.45 by introducing the new officers.
2. New members
To be eligible, prospective members need to have attended another business meeting within the past 3 years. Four new members put themselves forward for nomination: Ella Hafermalz (AU), Allen Higgins (IE), Reza Moussaveh (FR) and Gitte Tjørnehøj (DK). The attendance records were checked to verify their eligibility. The members voted unanimously to approve their membership
3. Donncha Kavanagh reported on the Dublin Working Conference.
66 submissions had been received – 48 full papers and 18 short papers. Of these, 12 papers were accepted for presentation, 10 accepted as panels, and 24 for the Interactive Ideas Exchange. 8 papers were rejected.
113 participants registered for the conference, with a further 9 on a wait list. The preliminary budget indicates that the conference will break even.
A list of participants would be circulated to those attending.
4. Future conferences.
An OASIS meeting will be held at ICIS, Seoul on 9 December 2017. Tony Ammeter (University of Mississippi) is working on arrangements with Donghyun Kim (Delta State University) and a former student based in Korea.
A Working Conference is planned to be held in San Francisco on 11 and 12 December 2018 before ICIS. The Organising Chair and theme still need to be finalised.
5. Presentation of Awards
Brian Fitzgerald and Kevin Crowston were congratulated on having received an IFIP Silver Core award and Bill Doolin was congratulated on having received an IFIP Outstanding Service Award.
6. The meeting was adjourned at 18.10