Business meeting minutes, Auckland, New Zealand, 12 December 2014

1. Opening
The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Kevin Crowston, at 3:20 pm. Kevin welcomed the attendees to the business meeting, noted that the attendance list was being circulated.

2. Officers
The current officers, Chair – Kevin Crowston and Vice-Chair - Ulrike Schultze, were elected last year. The current Secretary, Mike Chiasson, cannot continue in this position and therefore the Chair opened the discussion regarding the position. Richard Baskerville moved that Eija Karsten be appointed as secretary for the remaining period, seconded by Kai Riemer. The business meeting unanimously appointed Eija Karsten to be the secretary for the remainder of the term. The next elections for officers will take place before the end of 2015. The nominations committee will be Kevin Crowston and Nancy Russo.

3. New Members
Kevin explained the protocol for electing new members. To be eligible, prospective members need to have attended another business meeting within the past 3 years. No new members put themselves forward for nomination. The secretary collected cards for new friends.

4. Past Working Conferences and Workshops
The OASIS Workshop in Milan, Italy, December 2013 had 131 participants from 24 countries. The surplus of the workshop was used to cover some costs of the Working Conference in Auckland.
Bill Doolin reported on the joint Working Conference and OASIS Workshop “Information Systems and Global Assemblages: (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations” that took place in Auckland December 11-12. The conference chairs were Bill Doolin and Brian Fitzgerald, program chairs Nathalie Mitev, Eleni Lamprou and Bill Doolin, and organizing chairs Laurie McLeod and Serena Gent. Keynote was given by Karlheinz Kautz. In the Conference, 13 papers were presented. In the OASIS workshop, 24 studies were discussed in round table discussions, overseen by 14 facilitators. Of the 63 registered participants, seven did not turn up.

6. Future conferences
The next OASIS workshop and business meeting will take place adjacent to ICIS 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The Chair called for volunteers to organize.
Brian Fitzgerald presented on a proposed working conference to be held immediately prior to ICIS 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, to be titled "Beyond Interpretivism." The conference co-chairs are planned to be Donncha Kavanagh and Seamas Kelly. Bill Doolin moved the Working Conference to be held as proposed, seconded by Richard Baskerville. The actual dates, however, will be re-considered to support wide participation taking in to consideration other conferences around that time and travel.

8. Other Business: Kevin called for other business. There was no other business.

9. Meeting was adjourned.