Business meeting minutes, Turku, Finland, June 2011

The chair, Nancy Russo (US), called the meeting to order at 12:25 PM.

1. Nancy called for nominations of new members. One new member was nominated:

-- Dirk Hovorka (AU) (attended business meeting in Perth).

Nancy moved that Dirk be accepted as a member. Motion carried.

2. Nancy reviewed past and upcoming events. She thanked the organizers of the Turku conference for a successful conference just concluded. She noted the upcoming Oasis meeting before the ICIS conference in Shanghai in December 2012.

Researching the Future Working Conference

Researching the Future, Working Conference, Turku, Finland, 6-8 June 2011. CFP available at Read the proceedings online from Springer here.

Event date: 
2011-06-06 to 2023-12-10