Call for Papers: Criticality and Values in Digital Transformation Research

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


IFIP 8.2 pre-ICIS OASIS Workshop 2022, IFIP Working Group 8.2, Copenhagen, Denmark (2022)


Criticality, Digital transformation, Information infrastructure, Responsible Artificial Intelligence, values


The OASIS pre-ICIS 2022 workshop calls for submissions that take a value-reflective and critical stance on digital transformation. While researchers have paid great attention to understanding how digital transformation can uphold and better the status-quo, there is an emerging awareness of negative consequences and new socioeconomic challenges triggered by digital technologies. Indeed, we face a multitude of societal and organizational issues that digital technologies have the potential to amplify or alleviate; depending on which values we value. The ubiquity of computing blurs boundaries between work and life. Always-on engenders a contorted reality of self and others, yet it also enables flexibility and autonomy. Artificial intelligence (AI) can fuel discrimination, undermine freedom of speech or disassemble entire democracies, while it can also drive progress in society and economy for instance, by helping people with disabilities, optimizing energy generation and consumption, or supporting the development of new drugs. All too often, digital technologies are built on the principle of privacy violation rather than of privacy as a basic human right, and security is used as an argument for enhanced surveillance and control rather than for human wellbeing and protection in the digital sphere. At the same time, we have to tackle social and environmental sustainability issues such as climate change, poverty and inequality in which digital technologies can take a positive role. All this calls for a value-reflective stance and exploration of the criticality of digital transformation. After all, we must acknowledge that any attempt to leverage technology for good can also have negative corollary effects. Hence, the OASIS pre-ICIS 2022 workshop aims to promote research that engages and reflects the value positions and criticality in digital transformation research. We propose an inclusive agenda embracing the more traditional IFIP 8.2 community while being open towards other relevant topics outside IFIP 8.2.