IFIP WG8.2 Newsletter Oct 2010

News from the Perth Conference (with lots of photos), upcoming events, the web-site, awards for 8.2ers, message from the 8.2 Chair etc etc

IFIP Newsletter

The September 2010 IFIP newsletter is attached. It includes articles about the upcoming World Congress and news from the various technical committees and working groups (including 8.2).

IFIP Bulletin on the IFIP website

The "IFIP Bulletin" was an annual publication from IFIP that listed all of the technical committees and working groups and their members. We have recently been informed by the IFIP HQ that Bulletin will no longer be issued in printed form, but the data will instead by available on the IFIP website,, by following the link to the "IFIP Bulletin". The data in this online Bulletin are updated within 2 days after receiving changes.

IFIP December Newsletter

The IFIP December 2009 newsletter is now available at The cover article is about WITFOR 2009, "ICT for Sustainable Development".

OASIS Newsletters, 2000 - 2006

IFIP WG 8.2 historically published a semi-annual newsletter, entitled ''OASIS—Organizations and Society in Information Systems''. Back issues for years 2000 through 2006 are attached in PDF format here.