Business meeting minutes, Cleveland, OH, USA, 3 August, 2005

Cleveland, OH, USA
August 3, 2005

Julie Kendall (US), Chair, called the meeting to order at 12:20 PM. Julie thanked the organizers of the Working Conference, Michel Avital (US) and Matt Germonprez (US), the program chairs, Carsten Sorensen (UK) and Youngjin Yoo (US), and General Chair Kalle Lyytinen (US). Kalle mentioned that all the presentations from the conference would be produced in PDF and linked to the program, as would the keynotes.

1. Old Business

Julie reviewed past meetings of the Working Group from 2001-2004, highlighting the variety of topics.

The next event will be Oasis 2005, an informal one-day workshop to be held on Sunday, December 11, immediately prior to ICIS, in Las Vegas. Oasis is being organized by Helena Holmstrom (EI) and Elisabeth Rossen (US).

Carl Magnus Olsson (IE) presented information on the July 12-15 2006 Working Conference on Social Exclusion: Societal and Organisational Implications for Information Systems to be held in Limerick, Ireland.

Carsten Osterlund (US) provided information on the summer 2007 Working Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference theme is Virtuality and Virtualization in Organizations, with anticipated conference dates of July 26-29 and an anticipated submission date of February 2007. The General Chair will be Wanda Orlikowski (US). The Program Chairs will be Kevin Crowston (US) and Sandra Seiber (ES) and the Organizing Chair is Eleanor Wynn (US).

An Oasis Workshop will be organized for Montreal in December 2007, on the day preceding ICIS, by Wendy Cukier (CA), Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA), and Catherine Middleton (CA).

2. New Business

In response to a request for any new proposals for Working Conferences, Ojelanki Ngwenyama (CA) mentioned that his university had facilities and financing and might be willing to host a working conference in 2008 or 2009.

Kalle Lyytinen (US) announced the establishment of a joint task force on mobile information systems, with the purpose of establishing a new working group. Those interested should contact Kalle or Carsten Sorensen (UK).

Ken Kendall (US) reminded the group that the Awards Task Force will be meeting in December to discuss a new process for determining recipients of the Silver Core and Outstanding Service Awards. Anyone who has nominations should contact Ken. The Silver Core – awarded this past year to Julie Kendall (US) – recognizes those who have served IFIP as General Assembly members, committee and working group officers, and members of the IFIP Congress Program Committees. The Outstanding Service Award is presented to members who have provided exemplary service to IFIP. Kevin Crowston (US) and Rudy Hirschheim (US) received this award last year.

3. Election of New Members

Julie Kendall (US) provided an overview of qualities required of new members. Individuals seeking membership (1) need to love the group, of course, (2) do not have to sign oath of loyalty, and (3) required to attend two business meetings within the past three years, although we are somewhat flexible on this depending on locations of the business meetings and other circumstances.

The following friends of IFIP WG 8.2 were nominated and approved for membership. Welcome to the group!

* Magnus Andersson, Viktoria Institute (SE)
* Laurence Brooks, Brunel University (UK)
* Matt Germonprez, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (US)
* Edoardo Jacucci, University of Oslo (NO)
* Heejin Lee, University of Melbourne (AU)
* Rikard Lingren, Viktoria Institute (SE)
* Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Brunel University (UK)

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 PM.

Nancy L. Russo (US), Secretary