Challenges of Collaborative Networks in Europe

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Collaborative Networked Organizations, p.77 - 90 (2004)



This chapter summarizes the results of a series of discussions, focused on emerging industry needs, held with the experts in the field, during twelve regional THINKcreative workshops in Europe. The chapter further categorizes the discussed challenging requirements for industries, and draws some conclusions on these findings. The workshops were held in 2002/2003 in seven European countries, namely Portugal, UK, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. In total, more than 400 participants, mostly from a wide range of Industry, and also some from the research and academia, attended these workshops. The presence of experts from research and academia facilitated some discussion on base concepts, and was necessary to better Inform industry experts of both the advances in the Virtual Organization paradigm and the advantages of its potential application to future emerging, competitive, and global market opportunities.