Business meeting minutes, Shanghai, China, 4 December 2011

IFIP WG 8.2 Business Meeting
Shanghai, China, 4 December 2011

1. Welcome: The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Nancy Russo, at 4:32 pm. Nancy welcomed the attendees to the workshop and business meeting, noted that the attendance list was being handed out, and announced the results of the election of new officers:
a. Incoming Chair – Brian Fitzgerald
b. Vice-Chair – Kevin Crowston
c. Secretary – Ulrike Schultze
Brian Fitzgerald was introduced as the incoming Chair and he chaired the meeting from this point. (The agenda slides are available as an attachment.)

2. Past Chair: Brian and the attendees thanked Nancy Russo for her work as Chair.

3. New Members: Brian explained the protocol for electing new members. To be eligible, prospective members need to have attended another business meeting within the past 3 years. Four individuals put themselves forward for nomination; three have been confirmed by the secretary:
a. Uzma Raja, University of Alabama
b. Mark Aakhus, Rutgers University
c. Mohammad Jarrahi, Syracuse University

4. Past Conference: Eija Karsten reported on the past IFIP WG8.2 Working Conference June 6-8, 2011, in Turku, Finland. Estimated attendance to this conference was 45 attendees.

5. Current Conference: Brian thanked the co-chairs of the current OASIS workshop, Uzma Raja and Tony Ammeter, and noted the positive reception given the new Research in Progress roundtable sessions. Brian announced that volunteers would be needed to chair the next OASIS workshop in Milan in 2013.

6. Future Conference: Brian announced the IFIP WG8.2 Conference in Tampa, Florida, 2012.
a. Important dates for the IFIP WG8.2 Conference:
• Submission Deadline: July 1, 2012
• Notification of Acceptance: September 1, 2012
• Final papers due: October 1, 2012
• Conference dates: December 13-14 (Thursday and Friday), 2012
b. The IFIP WG8.2 Conference is to precede the ICIS 2012 Conference in Orlando. There was some discussion regarding the current plan to have this conference on the Thursday and Friday prior to ICIS and locating it in Tampa (about one and one-half hours from Orlando). It was also noted that there would not be an OASIS workshop at ICIS 2012 in Orlando. There was also discussion about having Research in Progress roundtable sessions at this IFIP meeting.

7. Strategic Review: Brian discussed the start of a strategic review of IFIP WG8.2, “Re-establishing IFIP WG8.2 Identity: Aims and Activities.” This review is to begin December 2011 and the report is due December 2012. The members of the task group involved in this review are Brian Fitzgerald, Kevin Crowston, Ulrike Schultze, Par Agerfalk, Uri Gal, Michael Myers, and Isabel Ramos.

8. Other Business: Brian called for other business.
a. Brian asked that members be sure to sign up for the group’s listserv (instructions at, as this is not done automatically for members.
b. There was discussion about publishing hardcopies of the past conferences. Brian indicated that this will continue. It was noted that papers for the current OASIS workshop would be published on SPROUTS.

9. Meeting Adjourned: Brian moved to adjourn at 4:59 p.m. The meeting was adjourned.

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