Business meeting minutes, Paris, France, 13 December, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 4:04pm CET by the outgoing chair Michael Myers (NZ).

1. Announcement of election results

Michael Myers (NZ) announced the results of the elections: Nancy Russo (US) is the new chair, Brian Fitzgerald (IE) is the new vice chair and Kevin Crowston (US) is the new secretary.

Nancy presented a plaque recognizing Michael's contributions to the group and noted that he should further thanked for his contributions to the field and to AIS.

2. Recent events

Nancy briefly reviewed recent and upcoming events

Recent events:

Today's OASIS Workshop organized by Nathalie Mitrev, Kathy McGrath, and Niki Panteli.

Nancy thanked the organizers for a well run and interesting workshop.

Working Conference in Toronto, August 2008.
“IT and Institutional Change in the Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century”
Organizing Chair: Catherine Middleton
General Chair: Ojelanki Ngwenyama
Program Chairs: Michael Barrett and Liz Davidson

3. Upcoming Conferences

Working Conference in Guimarães, Portugal from 21-24 June 2009.
Theme: “The Role of IS in Leveraging Intelligence and Creativity in SMEs.”
Organizing Chairs: João Álvaro Carvalho (PT) & Isabel Ramos (PT):
General Chairs: Dewald Roode (ZA) & Rick Watson (US)
Program Chairs: Bernd Stahl (GB), Gurpreet Dhillon (US), & Richard Baskerville (US)

Isabel Ramos gave a short presentation describing the conference.

Joint 8.2/8.6 Working Conference in Perth, Australia 30 March - 1 April, 2010
Theme: “Human Benefit through the Diffusion of IS Design Science Research”
Organizing and Program Chairs: John Venable (AU) & Jan Pries-Heje (DK)
General Chairs: Deborah Bunker (AU) & Nancy Russo (US/BA)
Submission deadline: 1 Dec 2009

Nancy gave a brief description of the conference. In response to a question, she noted that this conference is not coordinated with the IFIP 50th anniversary conference in Australia.

Working Conference in Turku, Finland 6-8 June, 2011.
Theme: “Researching the Future in US -- Methodological and Empirical Illustrations of Investigating and Anticipating Emerging and Yet-to-Be-Fully-Realised Practices”
Organizing Chairs: Helena Karsten (FI) & Riikka Vuikko (FI)
Program Chairs: Mike Chiasson (UK) & Ola Henfridsson (SE)

Helena Karsten gave a short presentation about the conference. She noted that the date had been selected to line up with the ECIS conference immediately after in Helsinki. She also noted that Turku will be the European Cultural Capital in 2011.

4. OASIS Workshop Chairs

Nancy noted that the group would organize an Oasis workshop before the upcoming ICIS conferences:

December 15-18, 2009 - Phoenix, AZ, USA
December 12-15, 2010 - St. Louis, MO, USA
December 2011 - Shanghai, China

Uri Gall volunteered to organize the workshop for 2009.

5. Election of New Members

Nancy noted that one becomes a 'Friend' of the group after attending one business meeting or requesting to be on the mailing list, and a 'Member' after attending two business meetings within a three-year period.

Three people in attendance who'd attended the business meeting in Toronto, 2008 were proposed for membership. Two of these are:

Farid Shirazi (CA)
Joel Alleyne (CA)

Moved by Nancy Russo and seconded by Kevin Crowston that these individuals be accepted as members. Unanimously agreed by the attendees.

4. Other Business?

Question about improving citations to papers. IFIP and Springer are said to be developing a digital library, but progress is slow.

Angeliki Poulmenakou announced a new IFIP Working Group 9.5 on Virtuality and Society, which will hold a working conference in Athens, 23-24 April 2009.

Kevin Crowston announced the IFIP Working Group 2.13 on Open Source Systems, which will hold a working conference in Skovde, Sweden, 3-6 June 2009.