Object lessons and invisible technologies

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Spreadsheet module

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Interpretative flexibility and hosted ERP systems

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Developing expert systems

Negotiating "Best Practices" in Package Software Implementation

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Managing Risk in a Failing IT Project: A Social Constructionist View

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CFP: Human Benefit through the Diffusion of IS Design Science Research

Call for Papers

IFIP WG 8.2 + 8.6 Joint International Working Conference
Perth, Western Australia, Tuesday 30 March - Thursday 1 April 2010

General Co-Chairs:
Deborah Bunker, University of New South Wales, Australia
Nancy Russo, Northern Illinois University, USA

Program Co-Chairs:
Jan Pries-Heje, Roskilde University, Denmark
John Venable, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

Organizing Chairs:
John Venable & Jan Pries-Heje

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