Welcome to IFIP 8.2!

The IFIP 8.2 working group focuses on the development and use of information technologies in organizational contexts, both broadly defined. The group seeks to generate and disseminate knowledge about and improve understand of the role and impact of information technology, and to improve the design and application of information technologies that are both useful and effective for individuals, groups, organizations and society at large.

2014 IFIP Board meeting minutes posted

Minutes of the 2014 IFIP Board meeting in Atlanta, USA are available at http://www.ifip.org/images/stories/ifip/public/publications/minutes/Boar.... The meeting included reports on finances, strategy, publications, upcoming IFIP events, and more.

IFIP December newsletter available

The IFIP December Newsletter is available here.

IFIP statement on intentional weakening of security and trust mechanisms in ICT and the Internet

IFIP (our parent body) have issued a statement on intentional weakening of security and trust mechanisms in ICT and the Internet by government agencies and other major actors, available here. Please log in and leave your comments on this statement and suggestions for what our working group might do in this area.

Officer election results announced

At the recent business meeting in Milan on 14 Dec 2014, outgoing chair Brian Fitzgerald announced the results of the recent election for IFIP WG 8.2 Officers. Nominations were solicited by the nominating committee of Brian Fitzgerald, Michael Myers and Nancy Russo. The results of the election were:

Dr. Kevin Crowston

Vice Chair
Dr. Ulrike Schultze

Dr. Mike Chiasson

Schedule and proceedings for the OASIS meeting

The schedule for the upcoming OASIS meeting and abstracts of the papers are now available in Dropbox (or click here for a direct link to the file).

The Oasis meeting will be held at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy on 14 December 2013 from 8:30 am and will be followed by a Working Group business meeting at 4:15 pm.

Minutes of Sept 2013 IFIP General Assembly meeting posted

The minutes of the IFIP General Assembly meeting held September 2013 in Potsdam, Germany have been posted.

Call for papers: Information Systems and Global Assemblages: (Re)Configuring Actors, Artefacts, Organizations Working Conference

IFIP WG 8.2 will hold a working conference in Auckland, New Zealand, 11-12 Dec 2014, immediately prior to the ICIS conference. Papers are due 1 June 2014. The call for paper is attached. The conference website, http://bis2.aut.ac.nz/ifip82-2014/, will have additional information about the conference.

IFIP September newsletter available

The September 2013 edition of the IFIP News is now available on the IFIP website at: http://www.ifip.org/images/stories/ifip/public/Newsletter/2013to2014/new...

OASIS #1-8, Sept 1983 to August 1985

Thanks to Burt Swanson, we now have copies of the first 8 issues of the IFIP WG 8.2 newsletter, ''OASIS—Organizations and Society in Information Systems''. They are attached here as PDFs. Fascinating reading about the formative years of our working group.

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